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How can The Universal Needs help you?



When we learn how to meet our own needs fully, we have more internal resources to cope with the inevitable challenges of life, we have the resilience to be able to recover more quickly when times get tough, we have the capacity to begin creating the systemic change needed in our world....and are able to create more pleasure and experience more joy in our daily lives.



Need always trumps love, and unmet needs are the source of the vast majority of relationship problems. By learning how to fulfil our own needs we can come to our relationships fully resourced and full of love, passion and desire to connect, share and experience the richness of life with the ones we love.

Silhouette of hands making a heart shape
Black woman smiling, shaking hands with a man with another black woman standing next to her also smiling


By meeting our own needs, we tap into an energy source which helps us to become more productive and effective at everything we do. When we apply these techniques in the workplace, we are able to create teams that are more resourced and work better together, to serve clients at a deeper level and to achieve more without burning out.